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DC Comics - SUPERMAN VOLUME 2 #203

"Godfall, Part 6 of 6: Divinity"

As the refugees from Kandor succumb to the alien environment around them, one tells Basqat that they would have followed him if only he believed as they did. In the sky above Metropolis, Superman commands Preus to stand down. Preus knocks him back with a powerful punch, slamming him into a building. Lois looks up as the rubble falls toward her, only to be saved at the last moment by the remaining Kandorians. Recovering, Superman tries to tell Preus that Kon-lar and the other victims were only constructs of Lyla, but Preus doesn't even listen. Looking towards the ground, Preus' eyes begin to glow as he sends a blast of black heat vision towards the bystanders. Superman dives in front of the beam at the last moment. From the sidelines, Lyla wonders why he would sacrifice himself for others.

Tearing across the wreckage caused by the fight on their bikes, the remaining Kandorians cheer for Kandor as they fire at Preus. Preus staggers for a moment, but then blasts them all out of the air. Grabbing Superman by the throat, Preus' eyes begin to glow when suddenly Lyla grabs him by the head and feeds him all of the shame and hate that she feels for betraying Kal-El, whom she now knows is a good man. Turning on her, Preus tells Lyla that his armor protects him against her powers, and can even let him control her powers. Grabbing her by the throat Preus uses Lyla's powers to corrupt Metropolis.

Leaping up from the ground, Superman grabs Lyla's free hand, telling her that she has the choice. Lyla erupts into a blast of light as Superman hammers at Preus. The Kandorian tells him that she will poison him, but Superman says that he has faith as he blasts Preus into the ground. Superman reaches out to Lyla, but instead she tells him that some things cannot be made right. She says goodbye as she vanishes.

Weeks later, Clark cooks breakfast when Lois runs out to kiss him. She asks how Kandor is doing. He tells her that they've arranged a cease-fire and they are working to get equal rights for everyone. He also knows that Preus and Lyla are both still alive. Both will grow stronger in the yellow sun.

Somewhere, inside of a cave, Preus cuts at the Superman symbol emblazoned across his chest. It won't come off. He will see Kal-el die for this, him and all of the impure.


  • Joe Kelly
  • Michael Turner


  • Talent Caldwell


  • Jason Gorder

DC Comics - SUPERMAN VOLUME 2 #203

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