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Mylar Comic Bags are considered the safest for archival storage of comics and artwork. Polyester – aka Mylar – is ideal for conservation storage and the manufacture of archival quality comic bags and sleeves. Stable and chemically inert, it offers optical clarity, strength, rigidity and resistance to degradation for the protection for comics, manuscripts, photographic prints, drawings, maps, etc.

75 micron polyester – more rigid and thicker than 50 micron – more user friendly than 100 micron. Great for current and modern size comics. Unique sizes available upon request.

178*268mm (7*10½”) + 38mm flap (W*L). Suits current and modern comics.

BACKING BOARDS – Best boards to suit these bags are Current size backing boards either Standard Current 100 pack, Bulk packs or Premium Current boards. It is best practice to use a board 6mm less than the width of the polyester bag.

For the ultimate protection of your comic combine Stalward Premium polyester bags with Stalward Premium backing boards and Stalward Interleaving Rag-board.

  • 75 microns (Imperial – 3 Mil)
  • Acid Free
  • P.A.T. Test Passed
  • pH Neutral
  • Plasticisers Free
  • Non-Yellowing
  • Chemically Inert
  • Long Term Archival Storage
  • High Clarity, Sparkling Clear Polyester
  • Used by museums for the protection of art


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